Stress and Anxiety

Counselling for stress and anxiety helps individuals cope with situations that trigger their problems. Stress counselling helps individuals evaluate threats and then provides them with resources to deal with the stress. Stress can make you feel isolated and alone but counselling can offer you a sympathetic support system in a confidential environment while you overcome your stress-related problems. Being able to control the environment around you is a major part of developing self-confidence, which enables you to face the challenges ahead.

Anxiety is defined as nervousness and an inability to relax. It is a natural reaction to challenges or stressors in life. Some level of anxiety is normal. However, excessive anxiety can interfere with relationships, sleeping patterns, eating habits, work, school, and all areas of life. Anxiety can take several forms, including phobias, obsessive compulsions, and panic attacks, and it is often associated with depression. Anxiety can be reduced if not resolved completely with therapy.

Both stress and anxiety are very personal experiences; what is stressful for one person may not be for another. Our trained counsellors and mental health professionals will make an assessment of the situation and use an integrated therapeutic approach along with the common Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach to address the concerns and help individuals live a normal life.

Stress And Anxiety Stress and Anxiety